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Friday, December 28, 2012

Start the New Year right by logging into LinkedIn daily

Most people these days understand the value of being on LinkedIn but not as many understand what to do with it after they've established their profile. LinkedIn is a professional networking site and the key word here is “networking.” If you’re not actively using it to brand yourself as a professional who stays current in his or her field or if you not using it to stay on the radar screen of the people in your network, then you’re not using it effectively.

Start off the New Year by making it a habit to log into LinkedIn each and every day and do something on it. Use your status update to post links to articles you’ve read, conferences you’re attending, professional activities you're involved in or opinions you have about recent developments in your field. These status updates will show up in the newsfeed of all your connections, positioning you as a career professional that is interested in and serious about your career field. Another tip is to post or answer discussion questions in the groups you’re a member of. Lastly, comment on or “like” others’ posts or send them a direct message to congratulate them on a recent accomplishment.

By being active on LinkedIn each and every day, your name is bound to pop up when someone has a position to fill for which you would be the ideal candidate.

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Anthony Di Verdi said...

This is excellent advice for the new year! I too feel that people don't know how to use LinkedIn to the best of its capabilities. It seems the common question is just like the book, "I'm on LinkedIn-Now What?"