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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Seniors: Looking for a job? Practice MOTS

I have been meeting with a lot of anxious seniors lately who are concerned about their prospects of getting a job. Typically, I run down my checklist with them to make sure they are completing all of the necessary steps required in the job search.  Many times students assure me that they are indeed doing all of these things but are looking for some additional secret strategy from me, like a magical key that will unlock the hiring doors to the world of employment.  Unfortunately, there is no such key.  The "un-magical" answer is to adopt what a local Boston weatherman used to say about the weather in Boston:  MOTS - meaning "more of the same."  And this is exactly the approach to adopt in securing a job.  Keep on doing what you've been doing and eventually it will pay off. Actually, I guess if I had to say what the magical key to landing a job is, it would be perseverance.  

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