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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why hiring managers don't like blind dates

I wrote an earlier post around the theme of "It's not who you know, but who knows you." My point was that job seekers need to get known by the employees in the companies they want to work in so that, when an opportunity becomes available, they will be one the first people who get called in for an interview.

Yesterday, I attended a webinar given by Dick Bolles, renowned author of the best-selling career book, What Color is Your Parachute (  One of the key points he made is that when companies are hiring, they want to minimize as much risk as possible, given the huge monetary investment they are making.  How do they do this?  The least risky hiring method for companies is to promote employees from within, Mr. Bolles stated.  It makes sense.  Managers know these employees well and have witnessed their quality of work firsthand.  And what do you think was the second least risky hiring method?  It was for companies to approach current employees for referrals of people who would be good candidates.  In fact, many companies award bonuses to current employees who refer a candidate that eventually gets hired.

Conducting informational interviewing is a great way to get known by a company, as I emphasized in the post below.  So is attending professional meetings and conferences pertinent to your field.   Think of it this way.  If you were going on a first date with someone new, which would you prefer: a blind date or a date with someone who was recommended by a friend?  I think the answer is obvious.


Margie Cherry said...

Very well said, Deborah!
I try to convey this to my students and clients as well.
Another way for employers to get to know candidates before bringing them in for a "date" is to check them out on Linked In and other social media sites, much as you would check out a potential "fix up" on Facebook before committing to a date, even when referred by a friend.
Dating and job search ARE scarily similar!

Natascha Saunders said...

I couldn't agree with you more!! Looks like my message is on target with students... but I love how you used the 'date' word. Adds a little twist... Awesome blog post once again! Very informative..