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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stay in touch with your network with a holiday greeting

As most career coaches do, I always emphasize the importance of networking to my students, and one of the questions they commonly ask me is "How do I continue to stay in touch with people in my network?" Well, the holiday season provides the perfect opportunity to do so.  Over the past couple of weeks, several of my students have sent me holiday greetings via email.  Along with the greeting, they usually express thanks and appreciation for the help I have given them in the past year and that they look forward to  working with me during the upcoming year.  I am inevitably touched by the thoughtfulness behind these emails, and it creates a positive impression in my mind about the student who sent it.

So, in between the holiday parties and winter break festivities you're engaging in, find some time to do the same for your mentors and people in your network who have helped you with any aspect of your career over the last year.  This simple act of appreciation will definitely impress them and demonstrate your professionalism, while helping you maintain the networking relationship.  On top of that, it will keep your name fresh in their minds so that when they hear about an internship or job opportunity, you'll be one of the first people they think of.

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