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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Find the greatest fans of your life

Both of my daughters are in the performing arts and very often the lyrics, "I'll be the greatest fan of your life," popped into my head as I proudly watched them perform in high school plays. Little did I know that this same feeling would carry over to the students I counsel. I delight in their joys over getting their dream internship or job and I share in their sadness when things don't quite work out the way they had hoped. And so, I have become another one of their fans, in addition to their parents, coaches, teachers, relatives, etc.

Seek out the greatest fans of your life. Some people call them mentors. Studies have shown that people who have mentors are ultimately more successful in their careers. By developing relationships with mentors, you will be creating a life-long support network of people who care about you and want to see you succeed. They will be there to cheer you on and to tell you you can do it even when you think you can't.

For many students, their parents are their proudest fans but aren't as readily accessible when they move away to college. So look to your professors, coaches and career counselors as potential mentors. Is there someone you just seem to hit it off with? Also, your school's alumni network is a great source for potential mentors. Most alums are eager and excited to give back to their school and current students in the form of a mentoring role.

By developing and fostering relationships with your greatest fans, you'll inevitably become the greatest star of their lives!

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