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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Don't Let Your LinkedIn Headline Rule You Out

When writing your LinkedIn headline be careful not to make it too narrowly defined that it excludes you from some great job prospects, unless you know for sure that you want one kind of job and only that kind of job. This advice is based on the same principle that I use when advising clients about objective statements on resumes. Having no objective is better than having an objective statement that precludes you from being considering for a job that you ultimately might be interested in. This point is especially important if you're posting your resume to an online job board. 

While you can customize your objective on your resume to match each job you apply to directly, you can't do that with your LinkedIn headline. Also, when writing your headline, try to use key words for the job or career that you are seeking, as opposed to the one you currently have, in order to position yourself as a qualified candidate.

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