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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Recent Grads: Having an open mind pays off!

This week I have been meeting with recent graduates who are looking for a job, and the main piece of advice I am giving them is to have an open mind.  I tell them to explore as many opportunities as they can - and so should you - whether on your college's internal database of jobs or on an Internet job board.  Don't just look at a job title and assume that you know what the job entails - you really need to read the entire job description. When I have students do this in my office, they are usually pleasantly surprised by the variety and scope of available job prospects, and their eyes are opened to new possibilities.

If you can't find a permanent, full-time position, be open to the possibility of doing an internship or a temporary position because you never know where it can lead. One of my students took this approach, and things are really working out for her.  Recently, she was offered a fantastic position in her dream industry where she would be working on a variety of interesting projects and managing people.  The problem was that it was only temporary and didn't pay as well as she would have liked. She decided to take the position anyway as it was a great way to gain experience in her field and to build her resume. Well, it turns out she absolutely loves her job and is thriving there.  She is eager to learn new things, help solve problems and work extra hours, if necessary.  All of this hasn't gone unnoticed by her supervisors. After a few short weeks, they have been so impressed with her that they are training her in web design and constantly giving her interesting new projects.  To top it all off, they have been paying her for the additional hours she works and are now discussing the possibility of keeping her on full time!

So the moral of this story is easy to see.  You just never know what can develop when you approach each and every opportunity presented to you with an open mind and a positive attitude!

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